School Board Members Thanked

By: Pat Hunter

August 21, 2008


At the August 14th Loudon County Board of Education meeting, School Director Wayne Honeycutt presented outgoing School Board members with a plaque and resolution acknowledging them for their work on the Board. Each School Board member received special recognition, a round of applause and a standing ovation.


D-3 Greenback School Board member Larry Bass.



Larry Bass and Bobby Johnson, Jr.

Mr. Bass  was recognized for his work on the Board and for his 12-years of service.  



D-5 Seat A, Eaton, Browder School Board member Freddy Walker.

Bill Marcus (L), Freddie Walker (M) Larry Bass (R)


There was a light moment during the Board’s farewell when School Director Wayne Honeycutt read from a Resolution and referred to Freddie Walker as  Video clipcurrently holds the distinction as being the oldest elected board member in Loudon County.” After a burst of laughter from the audience, Director Honeycutt caught his slip and commented, it is “longest…”  



D-5 Seat B, Eaton, Browder School Board member June Klinstiver.


Ms. Klinstiver was employed for 41-years in the education field. She taught at Eaton Elementary for 23-years and became assistant principal in 1984 until she retired. She was thanked for her outstanding service to the community and for her love for the children.


D-7 Tellico Village School Board member Nancy Paule.


Bobby Johnson, Jr. and Nancy Paule

Ms. Paule was recognized for her various achievements and her 4-years of service. Ms. Paule was thanked for her contributions.