TSBA Approves Taxing Authority Resolution




Next Step Tennessee General Assembly

By: Pat Hunter

November 26, 2008


Despite poor economic times, the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) pressed forward with their agenda for taxing authority. Last Monday (Nov. 17th), the TSBA met at the Opryland Resort for an education seminar, which was scheduled to coincide with an abundance of after- hour entertainment including the Rockettes and Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The TSBA is funded with school board public funds; is this good stewardship of taxpayer money given the shortfall of state and local revenues? These are the same folks that wonder why local government won't just fork out an endless supply of tax dollars to them for extravagant spending in the name of educating our children.


Sixty-five percent (65%) of school board member delegates across the state voted that they want school boards to have taxing authority. Currently, county commission and city councils decide property tax rates but school boards want to change that.


This would require the blessing and vote from Tennessee General Assembly, your State Senator Randy McNally and representatives Jimmy Matlock and Dennis Ferguson. This would also require an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution and voter approval. But be prepared to see the mighty Tennessee School Boards Association lobby hard and heavy to get their way with the General Assembly.   


The Loudon County Board of Education would not openly discuss and weigh the pros and cons of Resolution 16 Taxing Authority and other proposed resolutions before the TSBA vote by delegates. Humans learn by educating themselves on issues and subjects and not by ignorance.  


While the Loudon County School Board would not agree to openly discuss these issues, newspapers across the state reported how other schools boards discussed Resolution 16 at their October meetings and how some Boards voted to approve school board members as delegates to the TSBA convention but not in secretive Loudon County. Click to read TRANSPARENCY  F  Loudon County School Board & School Director Honeycutt 


School Board member Van Shaver tried his best to bring this and other proposed resolutions for open discussion, to no avail. But this same School Board wants you to trust them to be accountable for millions of your tax dollars and given the issue of openness and poor management and poor stewardship of taxpayer money issues, do you think that this is a good idea?  




Please voice your concerns to your elected state officials regarding giving School Boards the Authority to tax your property.





sen.randy.mcnally@legislature.state.tn.us; rep.jimmy.matlock@legislature.state.tn.us; rep.dennis.ferguson@legislature.state.tn.us



Tennessee Senate

Republican - Oak Ridge
District 5 - Anderson, Loudon, Monroe
and part of Knox counties


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Staff Contact: Debbie Martin, Rick Nicholson, and John Michael Burch, Research Analyst




Tennessee House Representative

Republican - Lenoir
District 21 - Parts of Loudon and Monroe counties


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190 Matlock Road
Lenoir City, 37771
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219 War Memorial Building
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Tennessee House Representative

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District 32 - Roane and part of Loudon Counties

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Harriman, TN 37748
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SOURCE: Tennessee General Assembly