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Community TV-3 Station

Removes Meeting Comments

Will the Advisory Committee Change their Minds?

Jim Fella speaks about fire protection in Tellico Village - Jan. 2009 workshop 

Should public's voice be heard?

By: Pat Hunter

April 14, 2009

TV-3 Loudon County Community Channel has been removing public comments at the end of public meetings. TV-3 Advisory Committee will discuss this matter again at its April 16th meeting and could vote to change the policy at that time.

Is Freedom of Speech important to you? The public is encouraged to attend Thursday's meeting to voice their concerns and to support adding public comments to public meetings.

According to Feb. 19, 2009 minutes the Advisory Committee agreed that future meetings will begin at 5:00 P.M.  The TV-3 Loudon County Community Channel Advisory Committee will meet on Thursday, April 16th at the TV-3 Studio.  TV-3 Studio is located at the Tech Center, 4380 Harrison Rd. in Lenoir City, basketball court area. Use side entrance behind the fenced area closest to the old water tower.  

At last month's March 19th TV-3 meeting, the Committee met and heard from local residents who were concerned that TV -3 was removing public comments at the end of public meetings.

Loudon County, Lenoir City and Loudon City include public comments on agendas. Even though taxpayers fund the operations of TV-3 Community Channel it appears that the TV-3 Advisory Committee doesn't want to hear from the public so comments are removed from the end of public meetings when meetings are re-broadcast to the public. Fella was supposed to review committee meeting minutes and report his findings at the April meeting.

The TV-3 Advisory Committee is comprised of Tellico Village resident Jim Fella, TV-3 Station Manager. Most recently, Jim Fella spoke before commissioners at a Jan. 2009 workshop about fire protection and according to a News Herald article, he and others were involved in a controversy when a POA election went before a Judge, a number of years ago. Others on the TV-3 Advisory Committee include members Bonnie Ledbetter, Librarian Lenoir City High School, Jane Witaker, Technology & Federal Programs Director Lenoir City Schools, Becky Boyd, former Visitor's Bureau Director & former Tellico Village Property Owners Association (POA) Community Relations Manager and Chris Smallen, IT Director - Public Relations for the Loudon County Board of Education. Smallen also video tapes public meetings for TV-3.



TV-3 Public Access Community Channel ORCensorship Channel?

Commission sets time aside at the end of each commission meetings to hear citizen comments on non-agenda items but when a citizen (Richard Truitt) approached the podium to speak, TV 3 ended the meeting. TV-3 Video Clip   A total of five people spoke during this comment period but this was not shown on TV-3. Why did TV-3 cut off citizen comments? Why are citizens being censored?   


Loudon Community TV station removes meeting comments

..."Fella said he would like to review the minutes of the meetings during which the original decision was made to make sure that committee members understand why the decision was made. The advisory committee will review the topic again at its April 16 meeting and could vote to change the policy at that time, he added."