Plan Ahead- Avoid Gridlock

TVA to Close One Lane at Ft. Loudoun Bridge

By: Pat Hunter

May 24, 2009

Remember the long lines the last time TVA worked on the bridge? Signs are going up along Highway 321 to let travelers know about a construction project on Hwy 321, Ft. Loudon Bridge and Dam. 

A construction project to repair the bridge deck and replacing expansion joints is scheduled to begin on May 26 (Tuesday). One lane will be closed on the Ft. Loudon Bridge, at all times, until August.

Make travel plans ahead of time and don't get caught sitting in traffic.

Don't forget the images of October's traffic snarl on the bridge. Traffic Snarl Use Alternate Route - Ft. Loudon Bridge Hwy 321 Repair

Pictures By: Pat Hunter




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