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Who Stands to Gain, Who Stands to Lose?


Guest Commentary: Richard Truitt


My name is Richard Truitt.  I reside in the 5th District.  I would like to speak on the $50 Wheel Tax, AKA Tellico Village Relief Act.  First I would like to reply to Commissioner Bob Frankeís comments at the last Commission meeting.  He quoted some type of mean average price for homes and he seemed to think it was a good idea if you had one car.  However, we donít pay property taxes on statistics.  Which reminds me of a comment made by Mark Twain Ė Thereís lies, damn lies, and statistics.


Be honest.  Say we proposed a wheel tax to help the high-end property owners and stick it to the low end property owners. 


The Wheel Tax was floated by the representative from the Tellico Village 7th District, which includes a lot of high-end homes.  If $50 on the Wheel Tax equals 20 cents, on a million dollar home it would be an additional $500 more in property taxes.  With two cars, this individual would save $400. 


If you live in Hines Valley in a $50,000 home, 20 cents on the property tax would be $25.  With two cars, you are minus $75.  These arenít statistics, these are facts.


What you have here is taking from the less affluent and giving to the more affluent.  Would Robin Hood in Reverse sound reasonable?


The School Board endorsed the Wheel Tax, with two dissenting votes, Mr. Freddie Walker and Mr. Leroy Tate.  The place you would expect to find some compassion would be the School Board.  Compassion is defined as a sympathetic awareness of the distress of others along with a desire to ease that distress.  There seems to be no compassion here.  This School Board seems happy to build its school on the backs of the less affluent. 





Tellico Village Commissioner Don Miller (l) and Greenback Commissioner Bob Franke (r). Wheel Tax proponents chat during a Budget Committee meeting, both are Budget Committee members.