Wally’s Hot Dogs Stand



Meet Wally, the Hot Dog Man.

By: Pat Hunter

September 23, 2008


The wheels of bureaucracy turn oh so slowly, just ask poor Wally the Hot Dog man. Just because you buy a piece of property, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use the property as you may think, just ask Wally. Wally's story began in May 2007, yes I said May 2007.


Planner Russ Newman gave commissioners updates about several planning matters at the Sept. 22 workshop meeting. Newman asked commissioners to consider rezoning a piece of property located on Highway 321. This matter was tabled in June 2007 pending the demolition of an existing structure. As planner Newman described it, Mr. Walter McGroary’s dream is to sell Hot Dogs! McGroary completed the demolition and clean up phase but he is still required to provide a site plan and other requirements as specified by the planning office.


Sixteen months ago, poor Wally the Hot Dog man went before commissioners at a workshop meeting to ask that they consider approving the rezoning of his property so the elderly gentleman could fulfill his dream of selling “Hot Dogs” but the matter was tabled. 


Back then, Wally explained how he and his wife lived in Florida and how they bought property on Antioch Church Rd. He and his wife purchased a Hot Dog stand and brought it back with them.


He described the Hot Dog stand as the kind of stand that you might see in New York City or Chattanooga or some other place. Wally and his wife worked on the old house located on the property, which he described as a “dump.”


He worked with the State and he bought a considerable amount of fill dirt to make the property useable and he painted the place. Wally said to commissioners, “All I want to do is sell some hot dogs.”  He assured commissioners that the stand would not stay on the property. He asked commissioners to give him six months to demolish and clean up the property. Wally told his story, commissioners joked with him about his hot dogs and he thanked commissioners, back in May 2007.      


Wally explained how he didn’t want to wait around and wait around but poor Wally has done just that. And when commissioners meet at next month’s meeting, they will consider voting to approve the Hot Dog man’s rezoning request so enterprising Wally can fulfill his long time dream to sell Hot Dogs from his stand along Hwy. 321. Hopefully, commissioners will see fit to rezone his property so people can stop on by and visit Wally and buy a hot dog, bon appétit!