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-Are 2 Waynes really better than 1?



Wayne Honecutt (L)     Wayne Miller (R)



School Board drops ball on Academic School Calendar!

By: Pat Hunter

February 13, 2009


Thursday's (Feb. 12th) Loudon County Board of Education (BOE) meeting brought back memories of the two zany characters on Saturday Night Live Wayne's World and their catchall quotes of “Excellent” “Good Call” "No way" "Mama Mia" "Carry on" and "Ex-squeeze me?"

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Are two Wayne’s really better than one; the School Board seems to think so? Are the Dynamic Duo, Wayne Honeycutt, Loudon County School Director and Wayne Miller, Lenoir City School Director up to the challenge of creating an Academic School Calendar since the School Board couldn't make up their minds and agree on one? “Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.”


"Let me bring you up to speed", previously, at the BOE workshop meeting, Steekee Principal Scott McIntosh spoke about two academic school calendars. This did not include Knox County's academic school calendar, which was favored by Eaton parent Teresa Karimian. The School Calendar Committee was represented by school personnel and school administrators with very little parent input. What's that called, stacking the deck? The School Calendar Committee purportedly met twice but no meetings minutes were available for viewing.


Teresa Karimian spoke at the workshop and School Board meeting. Karimian has been active on calendar issues and she obtained 1,000 signatures on a previous petition drive to adopt the current school calendar. She requested the adoption of the Knox County School academic calendar. The proposed calendar would have 175 days, save thousands in utility and transportation costs and it would allow students to have longer summers. Teresa Karimian conducted a quick survey of parents and teachers prior to the School Board meeting, with the following results:

Calendar 1 - closed on Veteran’s Day - 49 votes

Calendar 2 - removing Wednesday before Thanksgiving – 11 votes

Knox County Calendar - 112 votes


Of the two calendars proposed by Principal McIntosh's Committee, Director Honeycutt personally favored the calendar with students attending school on Veteran's Day, this calendar had 180 school days. Lenoir City Treasurer - School Board member Bobby Johnson Jr., liked the calendar closest to Lenoir City's Schools and he made a motion for the calendar with no school on Veteran's Day. School Board member Bill Marcus wanted to know why don't they (Lenoir City) work with us and others on the School Board agreed given that the county furnishes transportation. But when the votes were tallied, the majority of the School Board gave a thumbs down, “No way” to JR's idea.


School Board member Van Shaver made a motion to adopt Knox County's School Calendar. Voting   yes: Shaver, Newman, Marcus and Simon; those voting no: Ubben, Russell, Johnson, Jr., Proaps, Harrellson and Tate. "No way" to parent Karimian's idea.


School Board member Lisa Russell made a motion to stay with the current school calendar with some adjustments by the Calendar Committee but that too was a no vote. School Board member Scott Newman made an amendment but he didn't get a second while Professor Gary Ubben tried to table the matter, unsuccessfully.


School Board member Bill Marcus made several good points at the workshop and BOE meetings. By increasing the calendar from 175 to 180 days, additional cost would be incurred in personnel and benefits and transportation cost. Cutting back on some assistants would still be better than eliminating jobs. The School Board would face some tough decisions this budget, he added.   


Lenoir City District D-2 Board member Larry Proaps "Ex-squeeze me” favorite motion was to Call for the Question on the floor. Robert’s Rule of Order parliamentary procedure to “vote to vote” by ending discussion by the School Board. But cutting off debate didn’t appear to resolve the School Board’s differences. And  when all was said and done, the School Board ended in a stalemate.


Click WMV VIDEO CLIP As the hours waned late into the night,

Board member Larry Proaps made a motion for Mr. Miller and Mr. Honeycutt to get together and sort this out. Carry on Wayne, Carry on Wayne!


All School Board members voted yes except for one no vote from Scott Newman who commented that the School Board had dropped the ball on this! “Excellent” observation, Mr. Newman.


"Nothing really matters" not parent input or last minute surveys. The School Board dropped the ball and opted to take the easy way out by letting two school administrators, Wayne and Wayne, not parents make the call as to when students begin and end school subject to School Board approval. 


To be continued... The Two Wayne's Meet!