Monday, July 20, 2009 Loudon County Office Building 6:00 PM


1. This is the time for audience members to speak on items on or not on the agenda.


2. Reports of County Officials, Departments and Committees:


A. Loudon County Mayor - Doyle Arp


1. Board Appointments:

Loudon County Air Quality Task Force: Keith Brazzell, Dennis Brennan, Bryan Crawford, Michael Crosby, Dr. Bud Guider, Sherry Lee, Don Miller, David Meers, Mike Slimbarski, Dr. Art Stewart.


Loudon County Beer Board: Jerry Park, Nelle Tuck, Bob Snodgrass


2. Consideration of a Resolution to Affirm Compliance with Three Federal Title VI Regulations. Star Program 3. Consideration of Adopting the Strategic Economic Development Plan.


B. Loudon County Commissioner - Austin Shaver

1. Discussion of Distillery Opt-Out.

2. Discussion of Loan Pay-Off in Fund 156.


C. Loudon County Commissioner - Bob Franke

1. Blount County Animal Shelter


D. Loudon County Commissioner - Don Miller

1. Proposal for County Commission Online Forum

2. Proposal to adopt the International Building Code covering Radon resistant construction


E. Loudon County Visitor's Bureau - Mary Bryant

1. Dr. Steve Morse, Director of the Tourism Institute at UT, will speak about the results of recent tourism research.


3. Any Other Items


4. This is the time for any visitor or delegation to state the business he/she may wish to address concerning any item not on the agenda.


5. Adjournment