Chairman Removes IX "WORKSHOPS" From Agenda

Board follows Chairman's lead - No Action taken



If you were slightly late to the school board meeting or you blinked, you probably missed

Chairman Scott Newman's motion to remove item IX  ("Workshops")

from Thursday's Jan. 12th school board agenda.

When Chairman Newman asked for discussion, there was none.

His motion was quickly seconded and unanimously approved by the board.

Richard Truitt thanked the school board and spoke about the matter.

If you contacted school board members about this matter, thank you for taking time to share your views.


(NOTE: Rather than speak at the school board meeting, I elected to put my thoughts to paper with a quick letter to the editor,

which was published in Sun-Mon. newspaper. See below).


School Board members receive $300 per month or $3600.00 yearly to serve on the school board.




Letter to Editor - News Herald

January 15-16, 2012


County BOE removes workshops from agenda

Offering no explanation, Loudon County Board of Education Chairman Scott Newman requested removal of item  No. IX "Workshops" from the Jan. 12 meeting agenda. This was met by applause from some audience members.


Some on the school board would like to do away with  monthly school board meetings, but this begs the question: why are some board members openly complaining about the length of time that they spend attending monthly workshops meetings?


The January workshop and business monthly meetings combined consumed all of two hours of a board member's time, and if a school board member attended the three­ member policy committee meeting, the maximum time spent for all three meetings was a total of three hours for the entire month.


Conversely, back in November, the majority of school board members attended an annual meeting at a Nashville resort, and some brought along their wives and children.


Where were the complaints for all the time spent at the four-day junket at taxpayer expense of an estimated $15,000?


Why do some feel that conducting the public's business is too time consuming and redundant? Since when is keeping the public educated on the issues not worthy of their time?


This past fall, property owners received tax bills in the mail, which will be due soon.


This includes a large tax increase for most county property owners, which was precipitated by Loudon County Com­ mission's vote to increase property taxes by 20 cents because of the school board's request to fund the Phase 1 building program.


At a time when the public should be hearing more open discussions about improving education, new state standards, the $43 million school building program and a $40-plus million (estimated) budget (local, state, federal), some on the school board are grumbling because they do not want to put the necessary time on the board.


Voters can take solace that elections are right around the corner, and if some school board members feel they are spending too much of their lime to conduct the people's business, some alternatives to their dilemma might be to resign or not run for public office.


The community deserves dedicated public servants who are willing to give their time.


                                                            Pat Hunter

                                                Lenoir City