Sheriff wants 3 wrecked Cars - $40,500

Too good to pass up 

By: Pat Hunter

November 30, 2008


The Budget Committee listened to a pitch from Sheriff Tim Guider about purchasing 3 wrecked cars from an out of state car dealer. Later at the workshop meeting after Sheriff Guider left the meeting, there was additional discussion about the Sheriff's request.  


Sheriff Guider started of by saying that “We” were solicited to by a car dealer out of Georgia with some “reconditioned” patrol cars. For three of them, the cars are 2007 with low mileage, which are being sold at $13,500. Too good of a deal to pass up, Sheriff Guider explained. One car has only 1350 miles, and the others are less then 10,000 miles, Guider mentioned.  Commissioner Duff asked, they're not out of Katrina, are they? No, but they have been damaged and reconstructed and wrecked; this is what this guy does, replied Sheriff Guider.


And is there any problem with using drug fund money for this asked Commissioner Don Miller. I don’t think so Sheriff Guider said. Drug fund 122 is very restrictive. Sheriff Guider noted that you have to be careful with reoccurring expenses.


Commissioner Duff asked, have you seen them (cars), no but Tony has. Sheriff Guider was referring to Tony Aikens, Chief Deputy. This was followed by Commissioner Don Miller’s comments, something too good to be true, have you had a mechanic look at them, look at the frame, stuff like that? This is a good deal assuming there is no serious damage concluded Commissioner Don Miller. Budget Chairman Mayor Doyle Arp weighed in; proper purchasing procedures, you are spending over $10,000, that’s my only concern. Mayor Arp wanted to make sure that if the Budget Committee approved the Sheriff’s request that proper procedure would be followed. There was a short discussion about competitive bids and procedures. Budget approval by the Budget Committee would not preclude purchasing procedure, rules or protocol.  Sheriff Guider was referred to Leo Bradshaw, Purchasing Director.


Commissioner Don Miller still asked that a mechanic look at these cars. He was concerned about horror stories surrounding wrecked vehicles. Mayor Arp looked in the direction of Miller and Duff and chuckled, what time do you want to leave to see them? In second thought, just buy two of them countered Duff, let these wrecks go. 


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Commissioner Miller made a motion approving this contingent to someone checking out the vehicles. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Harold Duff, which was unanimously approved by the Budget Committee. Did you hear that Guider, A good mechanic, someone besides Tony?


At the Dec 1, Commission meeting, Commissioners will vote on the Budget Committee’s recommendation to buy 3 wrecked cars at a cost of $40,500 contingent on someone looking at the vehicles and the funds are to come from drug fund #122.  Purchasing Director Leo Bradshaw will probably have the last word regarding the purchase of the wrecked cars. The Sheriff's purchase must comply with all purchasing laws. State law mandates that purchases over $10,000 be placed on public bid.