Loudon County School Director Search

Timeline (Updated as information becomes available)

By: Pat Hunter






April 30, 2008, Wednesday, 6:00 PM

BOE Meeting Room, 100 River Rd., Loudon.

Loudon County Board of Education Special Called Meeting.

Contract Negotiations.

Employment Contract Loudon County Board of Education and Wayne Honeycutt



April 26

The Loudon County Board of Education announced that Wayne Honeycutt has been selected as the new School Director.










Wayne Honeycutt - The Hunter Report picture


The BOE will enter into contract negotiations with Honeycutt. A Special Called Meeting has been set for April 30th, 6:00 PM at the BOE Meeting Room at 100 River Rd., Loudon.  



Public Invited - Open Meeting

April 26, 2008, Saturday

Finalist Questions to candidates Honeycutt, Raper and Lovingood 


Wayne Honeycutt, Robert Lovingood and Deborah Raper


Courthouse Annex Meeting room, Loudon


8:00 A.M. – 9:30 A.M.- Wayne Honeycutt

9:45 A.M.– 11:15 A.M.- Deborah Raper

11:30 A.M.- 1:00 P.M.- Robert Lovingood


April 25, 2008, Friday – Meetings with Three School Director Finalists


Meet & Greet Meeting - School Administrators

The three school director finalists will meet with principles and staff on April 25th at 1:00 P.M. at the BOE Board Room at 100 River Rd., Loudon.


1:00 P.M. – 1:45 P.M.- Wayne Honeycutt

2:00 P.M. – 2:45 P.M. - Robert Lovingood

3:00 P.M. – 3:45 P.M. - Deborah Raper



Meet & Greet Meeting - Community

A Meet and Greet meeting with the public will be held on April 25th from 6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. at the First Baptist Fellowship Hall, Simpson Rd., Lenoir City.   


6:00 P.M. – 6:50 P.M.- Robert Lovingood

7:00 P.M. – 7:50 P.M.- Deborah Raper

8:00 P.M. – 8:50 P.M.- Wayne Honeycutt


April 21, 2008, Monday

Annex Basement Meeting Room

5:00 P.M. School Board Negotiations Committee Meeting


April 11, 2008 Deadline to submit questions to School Candidates

The public may submit questions to the candidates by April 11th to the BOE Central Office. Email: carpentern@loudoncounty.org  Fax: 865.458.6138


School Director Search Narrowed to three Candidates


April 5, 2008 Loudon County Annex meeting room: Five interviews of candidates for school director took place on Saturday. School board member Leroy Tate was not in attendance. The list of candidates and interview schedules are listed below:


Wayne Honeycutt 8:00 – 9:00 A.M.

Robert Lovingood 9:15 – 10:15 A.M.

Edd Diden 10:30 -11:30 A.M.

Steve Moser 12:15 -1:15 P.M.

Deborah Raper 1:30 -2:30 P.M.


These are the list of questions presented by the school board to candidates.


Candidates were graded by their response and sealed in an envelope. The envelopes were opened in public in the order of the interviews while school board members June Klinestiver and Nancy Paule along with Mr. Qualls tallied the results.


Chairman Bobby Johnson, Jr., announced the final three candidates:


Wayne Honeycutt

Robert Lovingood

Deborah Raper  



March 31, 2008 school board workshop meeting: School director Edward Headlee announced how the school board now had five candidates to interview on Saturday. One of the candidates was the top contender for the Jefferson County school job but he did not take the job. Headlee commented how he had another commitment to be out of state and he asked Mr. Qualls if the school board was willing to interview him separately. Headlee felt that was a School Board decision but that the applicant knew well in advance and all six were told about the schedule for the interviews and nobody had a problem with the schedule at the time. Mr. Qualls was now in the process of adjusting the Saturday schedule to finish the interviews, one hour earlier. School board members did not express their opinions or wishes about extending another date to the applicant.


February 14, 2008, School Board meeting: The school board adopts a procedure to follow concerning the school director’s search. 


February 9, 2008 Gatlinburg Retreat, School Board Minutes:

Wayne Qualls – Director of Schools Search

Mr. Qualls introduced himself and described the importance and responsibility involved in looking for a Director for the first time in a generation.  This is a new mission for the Loudon County Board of Education.


The first and most important step is to adopt a process for the search.  There is adequate time for this process.  Develop an Outline and stick to it. In 4 to 6 weeks start interviews. Hold two rounds of interviews. It is the responsibility of the elected school board to hire the Director.  Decide how many will be interviewed.  Will all local applicants be interviewed and what constitutes local?   Mr. Qualls recommendation is to interview no more than five or six.  You need to set aside a Saturday for the interviews and finish it in one day.  At the conclusion of that day you should have no more than three in the final pool.  Follow the same process in that final round.

Everyone is treated equally!


Interview process – Each board member asks the same question during each interview, answers are rated and the sheets are then sealed in an envelope, labeled with the applicant name and date and left on the table in full sight of all attendees until the end of all interviews scheduled for the day.  It maintains the integrity of the process and the interview. 


Any questions board members would like to have added to the interview should be turned in to Mr. Qualls by March 1st.  Interviews will be scheduled by the third week of March or the first week of April.  Think about the contract and what you want to include.  Communication is the most important quality.” 


December 13, 2007 school board meeting: The Loudon County Board of Education voted to hire Mr. Wayne Qualls, consultant, to assist the board with the school director’s search. Qualls is to review applications, rank applicants and set-up interviews with candidates.


November 8, 2007 school board meeting: As of Nov 1st there were 22 -23 completed applications for the school director’s search.