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F - Progress

F - Completion of Assignment

By Pat Hunter

Parents and readers want to know about the learning cottages a/k/a trailers financed with taxpayer monies. Where are the students being housed and educated while the foot-dragging continues? Students are supposed to get their work completed on time so what about the adults in charge of the learning cottages?

For months, parents, concerned citizens and officials have openly shared concerns and frustrations about the Loudon County School Board's decision to purchase nearly $500,000 in learning cottages (trailers.) School Board members urged commissioners to approve the purchase of these trailers to ease student overcrowding. Commissioners voted to finance about 10 trailers to the tune of $493,000 est. for 3-years while many of the trailers sat unoccupied for most of this school year. This situation has created a big credibility and accountability issue. Hopefully, voters will not forget about the trailer fiasco. There has been a steady beat of criticism and finger-pointing at the State Fire Marshall's Office; the State Fire Marshall must abide by Tennessee law to ensure the protection of our students.

Why can't county government and school board members manage to solve these issues on a timely basis? How difficult can it be to oversee the setting-up a few trailers correctly in accordance to local and state regulations?  It's time to stop passing the buck!

 Learning Cottages

Greenback School Learning Cottage


Loudon High School Learning Trailer 

North Middle School Campus

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