Tennessee National Entrance - Access Road to Gated Riverfront Golfing Community

Thunder Road

County Commissioners Misplaced Priorities & Spending 

By: Pat Hunter

Do you recall English folklore and the legend of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, who robbed from the rich to help the poor?  Loudon County commissioners and Loudon City officials took the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham and just reversed the legend of Robin Hood; taking from the poor taxpayers to give to the landed gentry that live in an exclusive riverfront gated community.

At the May 5, 2008 meeting, Loudon County Commissioners gave their nod of approval and voted unanimously to pay about $390,000 public monies for a 1.6 mile access road that leads to an exclusive residential golfing riverfront development behind locked gates in the Matlock Bend area!

The remaining cost of this access road must be borne by Loudon City taxpayers, many of whom are working people and seniors on fixed income. Many of these same taxpayers send their children to Loudon Elementary School and other Loudon County schools. Pictures below of an access road for emergency use to "The Cottages" at Loudon Elementary School.  

The Loudon County Budget Committee just turned thumbs down to the School Board’s proposed FY 08-09 School Budget.  One item on the School budget chopping block are student textbooks at a cost of $380,000. Almost the same amount of public funds just used to pay for the access road to the exclusive riverfront development! Other cuts will be discussed at Monday's May 12, 5:30 P.M. School Board Budget Meeting at the Annex in Loudon.

Taxpayers face an 8 cent property tax hike and a wheel tax to cover frivolous spending by county officials; next year, re-appraisals of properties.    



"The Cottages" Access Road for Emergencies.